Quent Kelsey
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Quent Kelsey 
There are many roads leading to the major cities like Nashville, Memphis, and Atlanta. There is one musical road that leads to them all, and it lies in the heart of Dixie in a small Alabama town called Muscle Shoals.

  It was here that singer/songwriter Quent Kelsey was first introduced to its magic and legacy. Quent cut his vocal teeth as a child to such greats as Kenny Rogers and Charlie Daniels, followed later by Johnny Cash and various rock acts from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Quent's voice has the ability to pull you into the sweetest melodies where you feel every note because he means it. Then you are pulled to the dance floor with his hard driving, take no prisoners, good time live show. 

  Behind every good man is a good woman and Quent is blessed to have two, his wife Heather and daughter Harlie Grace. Quent is every man, quick with a smile and first to a handshake. His songs are like our memories being told with truth and conviction because he has lived them. Songs are the soundtracks to our lives, so enjoy the memories, these songs are for you.
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